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Hurrem Sultan

Meryem Sarah Uzerli

Meryem Sarah Uzerli is a Turkish-German actress. Meryem Uzerli was born in 1983 to a Turkish father and a German mother. She has two elder brothers and an elder sister. She studied acting at the Schauspielstudio Frese, Hamburg. Wikipedia
Born: August 12, 1983 (age 29), Kassel
Height: 5' 8" (1.72 m)
Nationality: Turkish, German

Muhteşem Yüzyıl 91 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

The episode begins with Suleyman in Hatice's house. Behind him is Rustem. In front of him stand Hatice and Shah Sultan looking very surprised. Suleyman says: "What is going on here? What is this? Ibrahim's treasure?" Shah Sultan: "It is true, Hunkarim, Merhum (The late/the departed, mercy be upon) Ibrahim Pasha's treasure." Suleyman: "You have known from the start, is that not right?" There is a knock and Lutfi Pasha enters. He greets the Sultan. Suleyman: "Lutfi Pasha, did you have news about this situation?" Lutfi Pasha: "Forgive me, Hunkarim, but I did not understand what situation you are speaking about?" 

Meanwhile in Mihrimah's room, Esmahan waits for Mihrimah. Esmahan: "What happened, were you able to talk?" Mihrimah raises her hand in which she holds a letter: "There was no need to talk." They walk over to the seating area to sit. 

Back in Hatice's palace. Lutfi after learning what has happened says: "Forgive me, but this is impossible." Suleyman replies: "What does it mean, 'impossible"!? The wealth is outside, I saw it with my own eyes!" Hatice speaks up with her eyes lowered: "Shah-i-Huban had nothing to do with this issue."  Shah Sultan quiets her sister, while everyone looks awkwardly at each other, then Shah speaks: "Hunkarim, give me permission to explain - " Suleyman replies angrily: "There is no explanation, Shah-i-Huban! Who oversteps their limits this way? How did you both dare to do this? Shame on you. My siblings have gotten together secretly, and driven a dagger into my back!" Shah Sultan: "No! Not at all is it what you think. The treasure is going to the Palace. That is why, the wealth was being loaded onto the carriage." Rustem speaks up: "Forgive me, Sultanim, but for days we are searching for this treasure. Wasn't it appropriate it to let us know beforehand?" Shah Sultan: "We just found it recently, Rustem Pasha. That is why." Rustem: "Of course, Sultanim, only, forgive my asking - why didn't Lutfi Pasha know about all this? And why is it being moved at this time of night? I could not find a reason..." Shah Sultan: "What is this interrogation, Pasha?! -Hunkarim?" Shah Sultan looks at the Sultan expecting him to get angry with Rustem, but the Sultan says: "I also am wondering about this, Shah-i-Huban." Shah Sultan pauses and Hatice wonders what answer she will give. Shah finally speaks and says: "Bali Bey said this was the best way, Hunkarim." Suleyman says: "What does Bali Bey have to do with this situation?!" Suddenly there is a knock, and Bali Bey enters. Shah is relieved, and Hatice is shocked. Bali bey: "Hunkarim, forgive me, I did not know you were here...I came to deliver Merhum Ibrahim Pasha's treasure..." Everyone is surprised...most of all Rustem!

In the next scene, we see Mihrimah reading the letter she has received while Esmahan is anxiously awaiting to hear what Bali Bey has written. Esmahan asks: "What happened Mihrimah? What has Bali Bey written?" Mihrimah says: "He has written he wishes to meet me tomorrow." Esmahan: "That is all?" Mihrimah: "Yes, he wishes to speak face to face. It is getting late already, I wish to sleep now." Esmahan: "Okay, tomorrow I will await word from you...good night." Mihrimah: "To you too." As soon as Mihrimah is alone, she re-opens the letter.

"Sultanim, I do not wish to make you sad or hurt you. It is actually for this reason that I have been quiet. But I see that this silence is becoming a reason for misunderstanding me. I do not know who has written that letter on my behalf. But everything they had said is the truth anyway. I am a loyal soldier of our great Hunkar and this mighty empire. My whole life has been spent this way, and shall always continue to be like this...I do not have any other dreams...and even if I did, it is not possible...I ask you to forgive me and I beg you for your tolerance." 

Mihrimah throws the letter angrily. 

Meanwhile, in Hatice's palace, Hatice screams at the servants to leave. Then she turns to Shah and says: "You went behind my back, and sent word to Bali Bey, isn't that right?!" Shah: "Do not even try to find blame in me. As you just saw I am trying to save everyone's lives!" Hatice: "You are only saving your own life, Shah-i-huban! Just like always - you are only thinking about yourself!" Shah replies: "That is enough already, Hatice, enough! First and foremost get your mind together and fix yourself! This uncontrollable anger and revenge has made you blind! You are bringing harm on yourself, and me. Do you understand?!" 

There is a knock on the door and  Lutfi Pasha enters. He is angry. Shah Sultan asks him: "Did our Hunkar say anything?" Lutfi Pasha responds: "No, there was no need for him to say anything anyway, you know the situation, is that not right?" Hatice looks at him angrily. Lutfi says: "How could you make a mistake like this, Sultanim? How?!" Shah: "We will talk about this later, Pasha!" Lutfi: "I had no knowledge of any of this! But still, I would be branded as a thief and my head would roll! (executed)." Hatice laughs, then speaks: "Don't be afraid pasha, as long as Shah Sultan is supporting you, you will never have to worry. She will save and protect you."  Then Hatice storms off...

Meanwhile, Suleyman enters his room and Hurrem follows him. She asks: "Suleyman, what happened?" Suleyman: "The treasure was just found recently, Hurrem, Shah-i-Huban immediately sent word to Malkocoglu, he arrived there right after us. He was there to deliver the treasure to the Palace..." Hurrem asks: "How did he not tell you about such an incident?" Suleyman: "Malkocoglu took security measures, he was going to inform us as soon as he got back to the Palace." Hurrem: "In that case, what is the matter Suleyman? Thank God, our Sultanas are not guilty. In any case, how could they have done such a thing? Is that even possible?" Suleyman walks away and Hurrem is surprised at what she has just heard...

Bali Bey enters the hallway where he meets Mercan who is now working in his role as the gate keeper/door keeper of the harem/Sultan's quarters. Mercan asks Bali Bey if the treasure has been delivered and Bali Bey says it has and it is waiting for him (Mercan) to be entered into the treasury. Mercan says he will immediately take care of it and starts to leave when Bali Bey says: "Mercan agha - for many years you have served Shah Sultan, only do not forget, that you are now KAPI AGHA (door/gate keeper) and before anything else - you are responsible in front of the Sultan." Mercan bows when suddenly Hurrem exists the Sultan's chambers. She approaches Bali Bey and Mercan walks away. She says to Bali Bey: "Bali Bey, I congratulate you. Actually, not me, but Shah Sultan should be congratulating you, is that not right?" Bali Bey responds: "I only did my duty, Sultanim." Hurrem says: "Without a doubt! (of course!) You should send word to our Sultanas - from now on they should be more careful - because - they might not always find a Malkocoglu to save them." 

In Manisa in the morning, Mustafa is in his Divan, and he is saying: "The Bogdan matter is increasingly becoming troublesome, Lala- if Petro continues this way, then war is inevitable." Lala says: "He will definitely seek forgiveness, even Charles the V, who he serves, cannot be courageousness enough to meet us in war." Mustafa says: "Yes, but he took some courage in the result of the Italian campaign...He is dreaming of ruling Istanbul...."There is a knock at the door. Yahya enters with a letter in his hand. "There has come a letter from the Palace. Ayaz Pasha has sent it." Mustafa takes the letter and reads it. The men watch curiously. Mustafa says out loud as he reads: "Ayaz pasha, he has sent word of our mighty Hunkar's orders: Tekke Bey Iskander has informed the Pay-i-taht about Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha, and after investigation found that he has betrayed by planning a revolt with the Memluks and Shah Tahmasp. Our Hunkar has personally commanded me to take Piri Pasha's head (execute him).   Everyone is unsettled by this news... 

Meanwhile, Hurrem meets with Rustem. Hurrem: "Bali Bey ruined everything!" Rustem: "I know, Sultanim, actually, he is always going to put rocks in our way." Hurrem: "You are right." Rustem: "He is very close to the Sultan, so for this reason he consults with him about every decision. And Ayaz Pasha situation is clear - since the Italian Campaign has fallen in the Sultan's eyes...the way it is going, Lutfi and Bali Bey are going to have control over the Divan. " Hurrem: "you will prevent this, Pasha." Rustem: "I am not in the Divan, Sultanim, I am going to Diyarbakr. And in this position it is difficult for me to interfere. Wasn't Kasim Pasha removed?" Rustem: "Yes, he was removed, Sultanim, only, Ayaz Pasha does not have any intention of suggesting me for this position. However, me being in the Divan is a must, otherwise, how will I be able to protect you and our Shehzades?" Hurrem: "You do not worry, Pasha, for you to get in the Divan, whatever is needed will be done." Rustem: "There is something else you must know, Shehzade Mustafa has been sent word - our Hunkar has ordered him to take Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha's head..."

Meanwhile, In Manisa Mustafa says: "Get ready at once....As was ordered, 3,000 Janissaries and 2,000 Sipahis (Cavalry) will come with us. Send word to Tekke Sanjak Bey, Iskender, tell him to collect all of his men and follow us from behind. The Divan is dismissed, and everyone leaves, except Yahya, whom Mustafa asks to remain. "Who is this Iskender Tekke Sanjak Bey? Do you have any information about him?" Yahya: "No, my Shehzade. Only, after Rustem's being promoted - he (Iskender) was appointed from Trabzon. So Ayaz Pasha appointed him?" Yahya: "This is right, Shezadem." Mustafa: "In that case, if Piri Pasha has been colluding with the Memluks then we can get some information from Suleyman Pasha in Egypt..." Yahya: "But according to the order that came from the Sultan, the investigation has already been done...?" Mustafa: "Do as I say." 

Meanwhile, Rustem tells Hurrem: "He will be receiving reinforcements from surrounding provinces, but even so, it will be difficult for him to suppress the rebellion, because Piri Pasha is strong, and the Shehzade is quite inexperienced." Hurrem: "Shehzade Mustafa should not be left there alone... you should be at his side...he must definitely be unsuccessful. You must ensure he makes a mistake. Only the Sultan can order this. Actually he has ordered me to go back to Diyarbakir. Do not worry, I will ensure you don't go...we cannot let this opportunity go to waste, right?" 

Meawhile, Mercan waits at the Sultan's door when he sees Shah Sultan and happily greets her. He tells her the Sultan is waiting for her. Shah: "How is it? Are you happy with your new duty?" Mercan: "I always have preferred to be with you, Sultanim." Shah Sultan: "But I have a need for you here, Mercan...indeed you know about last night, thank God Bali Bey came at the right time..." Mercan: "Bali Bey is aware of the situation...despite this, I think he wished to protect you..." Shah thinks then replies: "But more than us - he is protecting our Hunkar, Mercan...he probably just didn't want this matter to make the Sultan sad..Do you know why our Hunkar has called me?" Mercan : "Unfortunately, no, actually, I noticed he was very troubled..he did not sleep much last night." 

Mercan enters the Sultan's room and announces Shah Sultan. Shah Sultan enters. Shah: "you wished to see me?" Suleyman: " must know why I called you here...the events of the night before have made me very unhappy, and it is obvious there was one who was not innocent in this..." Shah Sultan tries to speak but the Sultan stops her by saying: "Do not dare defend Hatice to me." Shah Sultan lowers her eyes and the Sultan steps forward and says: " It is obvious the one who did not want to give the treasure was her.

Suleyman: "Not once or twice, she comes up with a new problem for me to deal with everyday. You are no longer able to control her either. I've been waiting for her anger to subside for months. I thought she might find some peace, but her situation is getting worse everyday. It's time to bring this issue to an end..." Shah: "What do you have in mind, Hunkarim?"

In the next scene, Bali Bey and Shah Sultan meet in the hallway, and she asks him if the gold has been fully transferred into the treasury yet. Bali Bey: "Mercan agha is responsible for this task. He will definitely bring you news about it." Shah tells Bali Bey that she can trust Mercan and that he will do whatever his job requires of him. Bali Bey: "I have no doubt, otherwise if he doesn't, this would mean the comfort of Hunkarim would be disturbed, and I will not allow for that to happen." Shah: "His comfort is very important for me as well. This is why I gave word to you about the gold as soon as it was found."

We see Mihrimah Sultan lying down in her bed, looking quite sad, when Esmahan Sultan enters her chambers and asks if she is feeling ill, and says she thought she was supposed to meet with Bali Bey. Mihrimah: "You were right... He is still quite shy of me, which is why he is staying away." Esmahan: "What did he say?"

Meanwhile in Ayaz Pasha's chambers, Rustem walks in, and Ayaz asks him why he is still in Istanbul, since the gold has been found, he no longer need to delay his trip back to Diyarbakir. Rustem: "Kasim Pasha was removed from his position as Kubbe Vizier. As you know, due to the customs, I was not allowed to be given this rank, but my current position allows for my promotion." Ayaz: "Only our Hunkar can decide this..." Rustem: "Don't you want me in the divan? What makes you uncomfortable? Is it that I am Croatian? Must I be of Albanian origin like yourself?" Ayaz: "What does that have to do anything?" Rustem: "For some reason, everybody that has been promoted to high positions have been Albanian..." Ayaz: "Know your limits! I am not going to explain myself to you!" Rustem: "I am just saying the things that I have heard... For example, they also say that you have a mansion in Findikli. And they also say you are indulging in sensual pleasures." Ayaz: "How dare you?!?!?! Are you following me??" Rustem: "Don't you know, this Palace is filled with many stones (people)... secrets will never remain secrets. Thankfully Hunkarim has not heard about it yet."

Meanwhile in Shah Sultan's palace, she tells Hatice that the Hunkar knows about everything and Hatice asks what is going to happen next. Shah: "You will get your rights, according to the customs, and the remainder of the gold will be transferred to the treasury." Hatice: "What is going to happen to me? Is he going to exile me again?" Shah: "I don't know. He looked quite disturbed. Only Allah knows what he will decide."

In the Meyhane, a hatun asks Rustem when he will be leaving, and he says "Very soon, but I will be back quickly, and when I return, everyone will be kneeling in front of me." She tells him to return quickly, otherwise he will be missed. Rustem sees a girl across the room being harassed by a man, and he starts to remember his childhood: 

Sofia: "Brother, don't go..."
Rustem: "Sofia, my beautiful Sofia. I will be back one day."
Andro: "Promise us, Boris, promise us..."
Rustem (Boris): "I promise you Andro, I won't leave you here."

Rustem looks at the girl again across the room. The man who is harassing the girl is now asking her to go inside the private chamber, and he tells her to undress. He starts to get a bit violent with her and Rustem bursts into the room and starts punching the man repeatedly and kicks him out of the room. Rustem approaches the woman and asks her name, she says "Olivia". He asks her where she was born, and she says "Crete". He asks if she has any relatives and she says no. He tells her not to be afraid and says he will not harm her. 

Meanwhile, the Hunkar is eating food with his family. 
Selim tells him that they will be practicing archery tomorrow with his classmates from the palace and says the best archer will be determined. Beyazid says it is already obvious, as he won last time. Selim: "I worked hard this time. I will win." Beyazid: "Don't dream, Selim... Nobody can shoot better than me." Suleyman: "We will see what happens tomorrow." Hurrem: "Since tomorrow is an important day, go sleep and get some rest." The three boys bow and exit the room, wishing them a good night. (Cihangir looks so cute here!)

After the boys leave, Hurrem says that she heard that the Hunkar gave Shehzade Mustafa a very important job, and she prays for Allah to protect him. She says that if he wishes, Rustem Pasha should go to assist Mustafa, especially since he knows the terrain and area well. Suleyman: "Good idea. This would be better." Hurrem: "Rustem Pasha has been serving our house for many years. He has proven that he is a capable politician/soldier... I think we need him here in Istanbul. People with his capacity are rare. As you saw, Kasim Pasha was dismissed. Instead of people who do not deserve to be your Vizier's, there should be valuable people like Rustem supporting you in the divan."

Meanwhile, Rustem arrives home, and brings the Olivia inside. He says to one of the hatun's: "I have taken Olivia under my protection. Take care of her and show her all of the customs." Nigar looks stunned when she hears this and says: "I hope there is good in this..." and Rustem abruptly says: "It is what is it, hatun!" Nigar asks what time they will be leaving tomorrow, and Rustem says he must visit the Hunkar in the morning first, and then they will be on their way." Nigar asks what happened about the divan issue, as it is clear that Hurrem Sultan wants to make him a Vizier. Rustem: "You tell me about Shah Sultan. Since she is trying to find out about me, she is intent on stopping this promotion." Nigar: "What did you expect? Did you want them to wish for someone loyal to Hurrem Sultan in the divan?" Rustem: "Who cares what they want? If not today, then tomorrow... but I will definitely get what I deserve. Fate is pointing towards me... me..."

Meanwhile, Shah Sultan and Lutfi Pasha are together in Hatice and Ibrahim's old bed chamber. Shah Sultan asks if it has been made clear who will be made Kubbe Vizier, and Lutfi Pasha says no, but the Rumelia Beylerbeyi (Governor General) Husref Pasha will be coming to the city from Bosnia, and will give news to the Hunkar about Bogdan. I personally think he is a good fit as a replacement, as, according the customs, the person who replaces the Kubbe Vizier is usually the Rumelia Beylerbeyi. Shah: "Can he be strong against Hurrem?" Lutfi: "You should have no doubt. They call him 'Crazy Husref Pasha'... but his craziness comes from his courage, Sultanim." Shah: "Then we should make sure to be involved in this matter." Lutfi gets up and hugs her and says "I will definitely think about this matter." Shah says she better check on Esmahan and tries to get away from him. He holds her hand and says:

"You have made me get tired of this life...
Will a lover not get tired of oppression (life)?
The heavens have burned from my pain...
Will not my wish burn bright, too?"

:) He caresses her cheek and they hug each other, although Shah's face tells us she is not happy about it....

Meanwhile, Suleyman is seen walking towards Shah Sultan's palace, and he stares at Ibrahim's old garden and gazebo in contemplation. He looks visibly disturbed about something.

Inside the palace, Hatice asks Gulfem if she has is also crossing her. Gulfem: "I am only thinking about what is good for you, Sultanim... Do not push Hunkarim's limits any further. I recommend that you stay away from Hurrem and the (Topkapi) palace." Hatice asks if the Hunkar sent her. Gulfem: "Oh Allah... Hatice, if you keep going on this path, your kids will be taken away from you! The Hunkar will take them from you. Is that what you want?" A cariye enters the room and tells Hatice that Suleyman is waiting for her in the garden. She goes to greet him, and he says: "A new palace will be assigned to you. From now on, you will live with your children there. You can move there after the wedding." Hatice: "What wedding? Whose wedding?" Suleyman: "I've decided to get you married. Prepare yourself. Soon you will be married to an appropriate Pasha."


In Manisa, Mustafa is in his room almost ready to leave, when Yahya enters. Yahya says: “The soldiers are ready - we await you.” Mustafa: “Let us go, Taslicali.” Mustafa goes to say farewell to his family. “The time to go no the way has come, Validem,” Mahidevran hugs him and says: “Aslanim, my prayers will be for you, my son. May Allah keep your path clear.” Mustafa: “Ameen”. Mahidevran: “Rumeysa” “Take this tunic with you, it will protect you from all types of bad things.” Mustafa: “With Allah’s permission, I will return quickly.” Mahidevran: “InshaAllah.” Ayse Hatun says her goodbye: “May your way be open, Shehzadem”. He kisses his daughter then he leaves.

Outside in the hallway, he comes across Gabriela. She tells him she has come to meet with Mahidevran. Then she says if he has time, she wishes to meet him as well. Mustafa: “Later, Signora, I am not going to be here, I will be busy with some work for the Empire.” Gabriela says: ‘Shehzadem, I am waiting for days for you... but you did not come...” Mustafa: “Right now I have to go, but when I return I will visit you.” Gabriela: “I will wait impatiently for that day, Shehzadem.” She bows and looks at him when he leaves, then Fidan approaches her...

Meanwhile, in Mahidevran’s room, Mahidevran asks Ayse to take her child back to her room. After she leaves, Fidan announces that Gabriel has come and if she wishes, she will tell her to go but Mahidevran says no, let her come. Mahidevran and the Signora greet each other then Mahidevran says that if she has come for the Shehzade, that he is not here. Gabriela replies that she just met him, but that she actually came for her (Mahidevran), that she has a gift which she wished to present.  From a large chest, Mahidevran pulls out a mirror. “Specchio del Peccato - meaning, Mirror of Sin -  I got it made specially for you from the Carloni family. They are a family who makes the best jewel-work.” Mahidevran looks at the mirror curiously. “Why do you call it Mirror of Sin?” Gabriela: “Everyone can time passes the sins fall on someone like a dark will get heavier and you won’t be able to carry it..and so this mirror will help you stay away from those sins..” Mahidevran: “I thought you go to the priest to remove sins...” Gabriela: “of course, Sultanim, this is simply an Efsaneh (legend, tale). We believe that it saves us and those we love from sins...But for this there is a single condition: That the person holding the mirror must never involve themselves in sin...for then the mirror will break and the doors of sin will be open up all the way...” Mahidevran continues staring at the mirror and wondering about it...

Meanwhile in Istanbul, in Hatice’s Palace, Hatice is speaking with Gulfem. “How could he do this to me Gulfem? After Ibrahim...another man?! How could he even think of a thing like this?!” The door opens and Shah Sultan enters. “Help me!” Hatice cries. Shah Sultan says: “Do not worry, Hatice, it might be that this is better for you.” Hatice: “ knew...isn’t that right? And while knowing you did not tell me anything! All of you are doing things behind my back! Shame on you!” Shah Sultan: “You wanted this Hatice. Gulfem and I we warned you so many times, but you did not listen... actually, this is not a bad thing...our Hunkar has thought of the best thing...the time has already come and gone for you to make a new life for yourself...” Hatice: “No. Never! This kind of thing is impossible! Do you understand me?!” Shah Sultan: “And why should it not happen? You are still young and beautiful and healthyl...” Hatice: “For you to say it is easy right? You are married to a man you did not want to don’t even love him an atom’s worth...if right now he was executed - you would not even care, in fact you would be happy!” Shah Sultan: “Hatice!” Hatice: “Is it a lie? - You never loved like I have...You were not loved as much as I was...because in my life I had an Ibrahim...we were bound by such a great love with each other...I will never betray such a love!”  Shah Sultan: “ What ‘great love’? Is that why he betrayed you with Nigar?” Hatice: “Get out....out....get lost!” Gulfem tries to intervene...but Shah steps forward: “You know what you are doing Hatice, there are only two paths for you: either you can choose who you marry, or or Hunkar will choose for you!” Hatice turns her face away angrily, and Shah stars to leave. Hatice says suddenly: “ There is another way! I will kill myself!” Gulfem looks horrified and Hatice continues: “I swear to you, if you guys try to forcibly marry me I will do it!” Shah shakes her head...

Meanwhile, Esmahan and Mihrimah arrive at the Sultan’s room. They meet Rustem. Rustem happily greets Mihrimah. She says she thought he was leaving. Rustem says he will by the next day, he will go to help Mustafa. Rustem then greets Esmahan and Mihrimah asks Rustem to send her greetings to her brother Mustafa...then she asks if Bali Bey is with the Sultan, Rustem replies yes, and Mihrimah abruptly wishes him a good journey without looking at him and walks away, leaving Rustem dissapointed...

Inside the Hasoda, Suleyman is asking Bali Bey what he thinks of Rustem, and if he thinks if it is good for him to enter the Divan. Bali Bey says that the Sultan knows better, but adds that in his own humble opinion it is more important and a more important job, for him to be in Diyarbakir, because that area is easily disturbed by troubles - so you need a loyal and successful Pasha...Also, the Anadolu and Rumeli Beylerbeys are closer in line to be in the Divan...” The Sultan is thinking when there is a knock on the door and an agha announces Mihrimah’s arrival. The Sultan tells Bali Bey that he will discuss this issue later - and also for Bali Bey to look into the Anadolou and Rumeli beys..Mihrimah enters and the Sultan welcomes him , she asks if the Sultan would want to go to the main garden to watch the princes shooting arrows. The Sultan says of course.

Outside, Rustem tells an agha to spread a rumour in the harem and that everyone will hear it and know about it.

Later, in the main gardens, Mehmet and Bali Bey watch the princes shooting. Then Mihrimah and Shah Sultan arrive. Mehmet said he thought they would come with the Sultan, and Mihrimah says that he will come soon with her mother. Mihrimah says to Bali Bey to leave her alone with her brother, which everyone finds kind of strange. Mihrimah asks her brother if he spoke to Beyazid to make sure there woudl be no arguing with his brother while the Sultan would be around. Mehmet says: “Just to say this, you sent Malkocoglu away?”  When Mehmet leaves, Esmahan asks Mihrimah why she did that and Mihrimah says that: “Based on his position he is close to our Hunkar, so he has to be very careful.” Esmahan says: “You will change your mind (about him) this quick?”  Mihrimah watches Bali Bey as he helps the Princes. Bali Bey helps Beyazid telling him to look only at the aim and Beyazid gets it very close to the middle and Selim watches jealously...Then, Suleyman arrives with Hurrem and Selim looks at Beyazid’s bow on the ground....

Meanwhile, Nigar watches the Olivia, the girl that Rustem brought from the meyhane with curiosity and perhaps some suspicion. Rustem enters and Nigar tells him the preparations will soon be complete and they may leave. Rustem tells her not to worry, that she will not go with him. Rustem says that there is not need for her to go with him, he will be going to see Mustafa first, and that if she needs anything she can mention it to Sumbul... He steps forward and says: “Okay, hatun, may God protect you.” and then looks at Olivia and leaves...

Meanwhile, back outside in the gardens...Hurrem asks Suleyman as they sit and watch the princes shooting that she went to visit him in he morning but he was not there. Suleyman says that he went to see Hatice, to inform her that he has decided to marry her...Hurrem is surprised. They all watch as Selim hits the target. 

Hurrem remarks her pride in her son...and then Mihrimah says that Bali Bey has been helping them...Then Hurrem asks Suleyman if he has found someone and Suleyman says no, he will find a suitable Pasha. They notice that Beyazid is hitting way off the mark and Beyazid is getting angry. Then he turns to his brother “What are you smiling at? heh? What are you smiling at -you did it right?” Selim replies: “I had nothing to do with this.” Beyazid shouts: ‘I will kill you!” Suleyman shouts: “Beyazid!!!!Selim!” They both approach the tent with their heads down. Suleyman says: “What shamelessness!!!! Apologize to your brother at once!” Beyazid says: “Hunkarim, my bow was sabotaged! otherwise I was - you can ask Malkocoglu if you want! -” Suleyman: “Didn’t I say apologize!!?” Hurrem is anxious.  Beyazid finally says: “I ask for your forgiveness.” Then Suleyman turns to Hurrem: “Is this how you raise my shehzades?! What insolence! He speaks to his Abi this way in front of me?!” Hurrem quickly says: “Forgive me, Hunkarim, I will do what is necessary...” He storms off, leaving everyone feeling troubled.

Later in her room, Hurrem is angry with Beyazid: “What should I do with you, Beyazid? Huh? What should I do?!” Beyazid: “It is all Selim’s was obvious he wanted me to play badly...just to make me behave rudely...” Hurrem: “Beyazid, watch your words! The person you are accusing is your older brother! No matter what reason it is, let it be, you cannot be insolent in your manners and respect towards him! Especially in the presence of the Hunkar!!!!” Beyazid: “But, mother - “ Hurrem: “From this point onwards going out is forbidden for you - no sword training, no bow and arrow, and there is no horse riding lessons either.” Beyazid: “Mother -” Hurrem: “Silence! Now return to your room...from this point onwards you are not to even leave your room without my permission!” She points for him to leave.  

Mustafa is in his tent when his guard says that Rustem has arrived. Mustafa is surprised, but allows him to enter. Rustem enters and informs Mustafa that the Sultan has sent him, and Mustafa wonders why Rustem has come, and Rustem replies that he has come by the order of the Sultan and that the Sultan himself sent him to help Mustafa. Mustafa says that he has not received any news of such an order and Rustem replies that the Sultan gave the order later...that he got it as he was going for Diyarbakir. Mustafa looks at Yahya. Rustem asks why they have are witing here, that he thought that they were to go and get Piri Pasha’s head right away. Mustafa says that he saw it fit this way. Then Mustafa says: “And Piri Pasha has sent word himself, he is coming here.” Rustem looks troubled about this.

Rustem: "Forgive me, but don't you think it would be better to raid them without giving them prior notice? That traitor will probably be taking precautions now." Mustafa: "First I want to question him and see what he has to say. And if he doesn't show up, it will be clear that he is a traitor." Rustem: "What reason is there for this? The orders from our Hunkar are clear, to have him executed." Mustafa: "Know your limits, Pasha. What is this courage? Am I supposed to explain myself to you??" Rustem: "Of course not... As a Pasha at your command, my job is to give you recommendations from my past war experiences." Mustafa: "Don't worry. I would ask you for your advice if I needed it. Now you may leave."

Meanwhile, we see Barbarossa enter the chambers of the Hunkar and kiss his hand. Barbarossa: "All of the islands in the Mediterranean except Crete are now under the protection of the Ottomans. The Naksos island has already sent their first taxes." Suleyman: "I have heard. As long as you are with us, we will be unstoppable on the seas, God willing... How is Mustafa? I heard that you visited him." Barbarossa: "He is doing quite well." Suleyman: "I heard that you inspected the army and handed out money, is this correct?" Barbarossa: "Yes... We prayed Friday prayer together, and then visited the army. They were our warriors who fought at Otranto. Our Shehzade wanted to award them according to the customs." Suleyman: "He may wish to do this, but I was surprised to hear that a Pasha as experienced as you joined him. My Shehzade is a Sanjak Bey, so you, and other Pasha's need to be careful in your dealings with him."

In Mustafa's war tent, a soldier enters and informs him that Piri Pasha is here to visit him. Mustafa: "Piri Pasha, you are being accused of betraying the Devlet-i Aliyye by colluding with Tahmasp and the Mamluk Emirs." Piri Pasha: "As a loyal servant of this great nation for many years, I beg of you to listen to me, Shehzadem." Mustafa: "This is why you were called here. I am curious to find out how you are going to explain your betrayal."

We see Rustem speaking to Dervish Bey, and he says: "Did you understand what I told you?... Be careful, with one mistake, both of us will be executed."

Piri Pasha: "Everything you heard about me are lies, smears, and accusations. I swear on my honour and pride that I am loyal to the state and our Hunkar. I definitely did not betray, and will never betray..." Mustafa asks him who would lie about him in this way, and he responds "Tekke Sanjak Bey Iskender... He has been against me for quite some time. He was not happy that my rank was increasing during Ibrahim Pasha's time, and now he is trying to get rid of me. I swear by Allah, all of the things I am being accused of are actually things he has done." Mustafa: "These are heavy accusations. Do you have any witnesses?" Piri Pasha: "Only Allah is my witness, I cannot prove these statements, but I assure you that this is the truth." He leaves the tent and Mustafa asks for Taslicali's opinion. Taslicali: "We don't have anything but his words. He is probably lying to save his life." Mustafa: "Or he is trying to take other with him (to death)." Taslicali: "My opinion is to carry out the orders of the Hunkar. Do not listen to his accusations about Iskender Bey... Otherwise, if we do not listen to our orders, that would be disobeying a command (i.e. treason)."

Meanwhile in Shah Sultan's palace, Nigar enters the room, and Shah asks her where she has been, to which Nigar replies "I did not want to disturb you, Sultanim... I was talking with the doctor lady, and there is a rumour about your daughter being spread. Apparently Esmahan Sultan has been meeting secretly with Bali Bey... Everyone has been talking about this."

In the next scene, Bali Bey walks into his room and is surprised to see Mihrimah sitting inside. She says "I think the time has come for us to finally talk..." Bali Bey: "Forgive me, but I had warned you about not coming to my room like this..." Mihrimah says that nobody knows she is there, and that nobody can say anything about her meeting with the protector of the Hunkar. Bali Bey: "... You must leave ..." Mihrimah: "Look at me, do I look like a child?" Bali Bey: "No, you are not a child, but for this reason you should listen to me and leave." Mihrimah: "Then stop treating me as if I was a child... Malkocoglu... Don't you see me? Don't you see how I look at you? Don't you see how my heart burns for you and turns into ashes?" Bali Bey: "I have already written to you that this is not possible." Mihrimah: "It's because of the things you lived through with Aybige, right? You don't want the same things to happen again, right? This is why you are staying far from me, isn't that right?" Bali Bey: "It has nothing to do with that, Sultanim..." Somebody then knocks on the door and tells Bali Bey that he has a document for him to read.

Shah Sultan questions Esmahan about her whereabouts, and she responds by saying she went to see Mihrimah but she wasn't there, so she was speaking with the Shehzade's. Shah: "Were you possibly speaking with Bali Bey instead??... Tell me the truth Esmahan... Is there something I don't know about?" Esmahan: "No, validem... where are you getting this from? There is nothing like that going on..." Shah: "Then why is the whole palace discussing your secret meetings???" Esmahan: "I swear to you that this is incorrect. Sometimes I see him in the garden and we speak there, but that is all..."

Meanwhile in the Hunkar's chambers, he is informed that Ebusuud Efendi has arrived to visit. Ebusuud tells him that the plans concerning the mosque that Hurrem Sultan wants to have built are ready, and he would be happy to show him a scale model of the building. Ebusuud: "The mosque has one dome, but if you wish, a second dome can be added. The pulpit will be made from marble. The dome will be decorated with a variety of colours, and beside the mosque, an elementary school will be built." Suleyman calls for Hurrem Sultan to come.

We see Mihrimah walking down a hallway, and she overhears some of the cariye's talking about Bali Bey and they say "Our Sultan has been captivated by him... how could she not be, this is Bali Bey we are talking about!" They see Mihrimah and she orders them to come to her; she asks them why they were gossiping about her, and they swear that they were not talking about her, but rather about Esmahan. They tell Mihrimah that people have been saying that Esmahan and Bali Bey have been meeting up in secret, and that they have become captivated by each other.

Back in the Sultan's chambers, he tells Ebusuud Efendi that the mosque does not have enough windows, and there should be more installed; he also says that the mosque is quite small, and several other buildings should also be built beside the mosque. Ebusuud says that he will pass along the requests the Hunkar has made to the head architect. Hurrem Sultan enters the room, and Suleyman tells her that he wanted her to see the plans before it was constructed. 

Hurrem: "What a wonderful mosque, I really love it! Don't you agree, Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "What's important is for you to like it." Hurrem: "I love it... I just have one request... I want the construction site to be moved to the Avratpasha neighbourhood." Suleyman: "That area is inhabited, it is not empty... There are many homes and businesses there." Hurrem: "I will pay the necessary cost for everybody to be happy (she will buy their property from them at a good price)." Suleyman asks Ebusuud Efendi for his opinion and he says "Since our Sultan wants it to be this way, I will speak to all of the homeowners and business owners and get permission from each one of them. In the end, this is a good deed..." Suleyman: "Then let it be how our Sultan has ordered it to be."

In the next scene, we see Esmahan enter Mihrimah's room, and she tells her she must hurry back to her palace quickly. Mihrimah: "I know what is going on... everybody is talking about you. They say you are together with Bali Bey..." Esmahan says she does not know how this gossip spread, and she says even Shah Sultan has heard it. Mihrimah asks how this gossip started for no reason, and asks her if she is doing something behind Mihrimah's back. Esmahan denies this allegation and says she is not trying to ruin Mihrimah's relationship with Bali Bey... and she makes a snide remark by saying "besides... there is nothing for me to ruin between you, isn't that right?"

In Mustafa's war tent, Rustem asks why they are still waiting. Mustafa: "I ordered Tekke Bey Iskender to join us. I want to listen to what he has to say as well." Rustem: "Yahya Bey, what is your opinion on this matter? Yahya: "Our Shehzade will do whatever is the most correct, nobody should doubt this." Rustem: "Of course not. But this period of waiting is only beneficial for Piri Pasha. He is using this time to build up his strength." Dervish Bey enters the tent and says he has some news. He says he (Dervish Bey) has sent a spy to Egypt, who has met with the Emirs of the Mamluk and has inquired about this matter (of the betrayal), and according to them, somebody has laid a trap for Ramazanoglu, and he is certainly not a traitor..."

Rustem says: “What are you saying, Dervish Bey?! Ayaz Pasha personally investigated the issue! We have an order form our Hunkar in our hands!” Mustafa says loudly: “Rustem!” He tells Dervish Bey - “ If you have nothing else to say, then you may leave.” Then he looks at Rustem: “What is this agitation?” Rustem: “I am agitated for your sake,  my Shehzade, without knowing, how can we trust a spy..” Mustafa tells him to leave. When Rustem has left, Yahya says: “Rustem Pasha has a point, do not put yourself and your future into danger this way...”

At night in Istanbul, Hurrem is showing her miniature Mosque to Afife and Fahriye is there as well. Hurrem says: “It is not just a mosque, Afife Hatun, elementary school, hospital, it is going to be a big complex...” Afife: “May Allah be pleased with you, everyone will pray for you.” Suddenly Hurrem’s face changes...she says: “How is Hatice Sultan? Does she still not want this marriage?” Afife says: “It is not easy, of course, on top of all that, pain.” Hurrem: “Yes, but our Hunkar’s decision is in place. It is good for her to be away from here, maybe that way she can find happiness again.”  Afife: “I also spoke to Shah Sultan and she is also of the same thinking...she must once again find her soul...” Hurrem: “If Shah Sultan thought even a little about her sister, she (Hatice) would have been better a long time ago. But she is only concerned about her own dreams.” Afife: “What dreams could those be Sultanim?” Hurrem: “Getting rid of me.” There is a knock and Mihrimah enters. Mihrimah shows the miniature to her, but it is obvious Mihrimah’s mind is elsewhere so Hurrem asks her what is wrong. Mihrimah says: “Haven’t you heard? The harem is in an uproar...everyone is talking about Bali Bey and Esmahan....”

Meanwhile, Bali Bey is in Hatice Sultan’s Palace in the main hall where Shah Sultan is sitting. Shah says: “Bali Bey, I called you...because...certain words have reached my ears... ” Bali Bey: “I am listening, Sultanim.” Shah Sultan: “I will speak with you openly, Malkocoglu, and I believe you will do the same... they are saying there is some dealings between my daughter Esmahan and this the truth?” Bali Bey: “Whoever said this, has lied, Sultanim. I assure you, this is a lie...a false such thing happened! Would never happen!” Shah Sultan: “Why is everyone saying this then/talking about this?” Bali Bey: “I do not know, Sultanim. But you can be certain I will investigate this at once.” Shah Sultan stands up and walks over and says: “Malkocoglu, you are a loyal and faithful Bey to this Hanedan (Dynasty)...Our Hunkar has full faith in are even his personal guard...your words for me are enough. But, it is clear that someone wishes to push you aside (ruin you).” Bali Bey: “Your trust in me, is more precious than anything, Sultanim.”  Shah Sultan: “The important thing now is what to do from this point forwards - because, it is now also dealing with my daughter’s honour. The words are out. Lutfi Pasha and our Hunkar will eventually hear about it. In this state, it is important to save my daughter and to save you...for this reason...I have decided to marry you to my daughter.” Malkocoglu is stunned....

Meanwhile, in  Hurrem’s room, Hurrem says: “Where has this come from now? Do you know about this, Afife?” Afife Hatun: “It has reached my ears too Sultanim, but I did not believe it.You know that there is no shortage  of gossip in the Harem...” Hurrem: “You tell the girls to stop.” And Afife leaves. Hurrem turns to Mihrimah: “Has this gossip made you sad?” Mihrimah: “No, I just thought you would want to know. Shah Sultan called Bali Bey and he is there now.” Hurrem: “How do you know all this?” Mihrimah: “Esmahan told me. She is also very worried.” Mihrimah: “From what she said, Shah Sultan wants to marry Bali Bey to Esmahan...I do not know her purpose but it is obvious it is not a good outcome...”

Meanwhile, Seker agha is in the meyhane and he starts to dance with a girl who asks him why he is sitting just like that and he says ‘you are right? Why am I sitting this way?” then he is leaving with her when Mercan shows up. Seker agha is shocked and stutters. Mercan says: “Pasha Hazretleri, I came to ask you if you need anything.” The dancing girl says: “Ohh means you are really a Pasa! Your height, your build, you look very good.” Seker says: “shhh hatun, don’t make it obvious who I am...” He walks closer to Mercan “Mercan agham, you go I will follow behind you.” Mercan says: “get in front of me now, or you will never be allowed in the Palace again!” Seker is sooo nervous and he turns and the woman says: “Pasham?” and Seker says: “Silence, pasham, pasam, pasham! Be quiet or I will take out all my anger on you!” He then goes with Mercan.

Meanwhile, Eleni from the meyhane is talking to Bali Bey but he is upset. Mercan is angry with Seker as they come to the Palace. Seker says: “Yaaaa Mercan agha, don’t get upset right away! I rarely get to be entertained...was it a crime?” Mercan replies: “Our Hukar, our Sultanas, our Shehzades are here, and you? you are in the meyhane dancing! Without getting permission from me, how do you leave? What if they wanted something from the kitchen?” Seker: “I had told the cook Selman agha to take care of it. Plus I got Sumbul’s permission before I left.” Mercan: “His waters are getting warmer as well, both of you should be careful from this point on. From now, without asking me a bird will not fly!” Seker: “Forgive me, Agham, I promise, from now on even to go the bathroom I will ask -” Mercan: “Do not be insolent! I swear I will not feel any pity for you and I will kick you out of the Palace!” Just then, Mihrimah enters, she asks where Bali Bey is, saying there is something important she must inform him of. Mercan says he does not know. Seker agha says: “I swear, he was in the meyhane!” Mercan: “Seker agha!!” Seker agha apologizes and walks off...Mihrimah looks troubled and Mercan says that he will help, but Mihrimah says: “I wanted him to speak to Shehzade Selim, as he is very unhappy...” She leaves...

Meanwhile, in Mustafa’s tent, Rustem says: “Forgive my curiosity Shehzadem, but Tekke Sanjak Bey was coming here, why are we going?” Mustafa: “No alone, I wish to see him with his entire army.” Rustem: “And what will happen to Piri Pasha?” Mustafa: “Piri Pasha will also go with us...since it is between them, meeting face to face is a must.” Rustem bows when Mustafa leaves, then he stops Yahya: “Taslicali, what do you think you are doing? You are supposed to help him towards the right, why aren’t you doing anything about this?” Yahya: “I warned him many times, Pasha, but our Shehzade has decided this way is best.”

Meanwhile in Istanbul, Rumelia Beylerbeyi Husref Pasha enters the divan and is welcomed by the Hunkar. Suleyman: "Tell me, what response has this traitor, Petru Raresh, given to us about the choice we gave him?" Husref: "Unfortunately I have bad news... He has not only stopped giving us taxes, but he has fallen into betrayal by attacking Poland, whom we have a peace treaty with." Suleyman: "What are you saying, Pasha??? How dare he try to attack Poland?" Husref: "I found out that he has been meeting with Charles V, and soon after this, Poland was attacked."

In the next scene, we see that Iskender Bey and his army have arrived based on Mustafa's command.

Iskender Bey: "You have given me a great honour by ordering me, Iskender, the Bey of Tekke, to come to your presence. Shehzadem... By the will of Allah, we will bring an end to all of the traitors! Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha and his family will pay the price for betraying the Devlet-i Aliyye." Mustafa: "How can one deny true words, Iskender? Whoever betrays our great Hunkar, Sultan Suleyman Han, will certainly pay the price with their lives!" Mustafa then pulls out his sword and executes Iskender Bey. Taslicali Yahya then screams "ATTACK!!!!" to his forces, and they start to attack Iskender Bey's troops. Taslicali: "Shehzadem, let us leave from here..."

Back in the divan, Husrev: "That is not all... Charles V is trying to get all of our Christian citizens to rebel against our rule." Mustafa Pasha: "He is dreaming of destroying the Devlet-i Aliyye and capturing Istanbul." Ayaz: "You are right... Petru Raresh has been in talks with Ferdinand. Our soldiers have captured some of their letters." Barbarossa: "The Pope has made peace between Spain and France... The Spanish, Venetians, Malta and some other principalities have made an alliance. They are trying to prepare a large fleet of ships." Lutfi: "Clearly they want to attack us on both fronts." Suleyman: "What precautions should we take, Pashas???" Barbarossa: "If you wish, I will go and conquer all of the remaining islands, and I will keep an eye on the enemy fleet at the port of Preveza." Lutfi: "Also, Hunkarim, if we don't take care of Bogdan, then we cannot control the Wallachians and Hungarians." Suleyman: "Barbarossa, you keep our seas and beaches safe. Ayaz Pasha, you get started on the war preparations. We will go and put Raresh in his place. Lastly, send word to the Crimeans Khan, and tell him to join us with his army."

Back on the field, we see many soldiers dead, laying on the ground. Piri Pasha thanks Mustafa for his sense of justice. He says "When everybody thought of me as a traitor, you believed in me. May my life be sacrificed for you..." On the other side of the field, Rustem says to a soldier standing beside him: "Shehzade Mustafa gave me more than I could wish for... Not only did he not listen to the orders that were given to him, but he also destroyed Iskender Bey and his army, and the Shehzade is now the one who is the traitor... Immediately send news of this to the Hunkar."

Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Sumbul says it is important to be careful of Shah Sultan, as there could be no better way to bring Bali Bey to he side. Hurrem: "We must prevent this wedding from happening. They cannot do anything without getting permission from the Hunkar." Sumbul: "You are right... but why would he object to them getting married?"

In the chambers of the Hunkar, Suleyman asks Husref Pasha how he is doing. He says he has called Husref Pasha to speak about another matter. Suleyman: "I dismissed Kasim Pasha. I spoke with Bali Bey and Lutfi Pasha, they are both recommending you to take his place. I was also considering you for this position... Husref Pasha... From now on you will be my Kubbe Vizier, may God make it beneficial for you." Husref: "You have made me, your servant Husref, very pleased, Hunkarim. May my life be sacrificed for you..." Suleyman: "I know you will perform this task with success..... There is also another matter that I wanted to speak to you about."

In the next scene, Bali Bey and Nasuh Efendi are seen talking. Bali Bey: "Give me some advice... I am stuck in between two fires. What will I do now?" Nasuh: "On one side is Mihrimah Sultan, on the other is Esmahan Sultan... You just have to make a choice..." Bali Bey: "Shah Sultan has already made up her mind. She told me I will get married... How can I say no??" Nasuh: "Speak with Mihrimah Sultan... She will prevent this marriage from happening." Bali Bey: "No, this is not possible..." Nasuh: "Why not? She is the daughter of the ruler of the world..." An agha enters the room with a letter, which Bali Bey reads. Bali Bey: "Sultanim wants to meet with me. It's time to end this matter."

Meanwhile, Hurrem tells Sumbul to keep an eye on Shah Sultan, as if she gets her way, her influence will become so far reaching, that whatever they do, they will not be able to stop her. Diana walks into the room and informs Hurrem that Esmahan is on her way to meet with Bali Bey. Hurrem asks her how she found out, and Diana says: "One of Mihrimah Sultan's cariye's came and told me..." Hurrem then says that they must reveal this meeting to everyone.

In the next scene, Gulfem walks into Shah Sultan's palace and asks where Hatice Sultan is. Hatice Sultan is called to the room and asks what is going on. Gulfem: "Hunkarim sent me... He has decided to have you married to Rumelia Beylerbeyi Husref Pasha..." We see Hatice looking very sad, with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Hurrem is seen in the garden. She walks up some steps and opens up a door... She is shocked to see Bali Bey speaking privately with Mihrimah.


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