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Sinopsis Drama Korea"STYLE"

Style Korean Drama
and Style Drama OST
Broadcast Network : SBS
Director : Oh Jong Rok / 오종록
Scriptwriter : Ku Ji Won, Moon Ji Young
Novelist : Baek Young Ok / 백영옥
Producer : Yeh In Munhwa / 예인문화
Cast : Ryu Si Won / 류시원, Lee Ji Ah / 이지아, Kim Hye Soo / 김혜수, Lee Yong Woo / 이용우, Han Chae Ah / 한채아, Kim Si Hyang / 김시향
16 episode,
 Debuts 1 August 2009

Seo Jung Lee recently merged with a company's fashion magazine called "STYLE". His boss, Editor Park, hated by his employees because of his bad habits are like angry. As is known, Seo Jong, too, were trying to explore this company even though he realized that the world of fashion is not an interesting place. Romance, betrayal, rivalry, and deceit all come together at this place. However, he meets Seo Woo Jin who helped him during these difficult times. Then if he knew if it was Jin Woo is a former girlfriend bosnya.Bagaimana this will affect Seo Jung's work in the fashion world?

Style is a novel written by Baek Young-ok, a former journalist mode.Pada Style, the main character, Lee Seo Jung is a woman reporter in a fashion magazine. This will provide a knowledge about the world of fashion and luxury for people - people awam.Ini also associated with office politics, fierce competition in the world of fashion and industry. Style has been likened to The Devil Wears Prada, a fictional story about a young woman who has experience working for a top fashion magazine in New York.

This novel was chosen as the winner Segye Ilbo's 4th World Literature Award in 2008. Baek has also published other works including It's All Roh Moo-hyun's Fault and Cat Shanti. Style has sold more than 100,000 copies in only six weeks of its release and has signed an agreement to turn the novel into a drama.

Style Drama Cast :

Seo Jin Woo (Ryu Si Won)
a former plastic surgeon who currently owns the restaurant. He appeared in front of Seo Jung just as he was facing the biggest crisis of his life. He was betrayed by his girlfriend that he had dipacarinya for three years. Jin Woo also happened to former Editor Park.

Lee Seo Jung (Lee Ji Ah)
26 years old. He was just a beginner with no experience of more than one year. However, Seo Jung overcome the difficulties working in Style.

Editor Park (Kim Hye Soo)
Chief editor of Style magazine. He has a good appearance and extraordinary ability in journalism. However, he has a strange personality and temperament. He was not liked by juniors because he belongs to the workaholic man.

Kim Min Joon (Lee Yong Woo)
a homosexual photografer

Style Soundtracks Downloads :
01. Tell Me (Feat.하늘Hanul) -김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo)
02. You & I (Feat.김진표) - 류시원(柳时元)
03. Hey Hey Ho -업타운(Uptown) 우이경(WooLee Kyung)
04. 맘보잠보 Mambo Jambo -차여울(Cha Yeo Wool) Jonny G
05. 어쩌다 너를 -하늘 (Hanul)
06. 그대만을 사랑합니다 只爱你-서인영(徐仁英), 류시원(柳时元)
07. Edge By Edge (Inst)
08. Lady Connection (Inst)
09. 느린, 그러나 피할 수 없는… (Inst)
10. Need Some Coffee Break? (Inst)
11. 처음 만났던 그 때처럼 (Inst)
12. 구름 속을 달리다 (Inst)
13. Get Back To My Stylish (Inst)
14. Red Oasis (Inst)
15. 꿈과 그림자 梦与影子 (Inst)
16. As Time Goes By (Inst)
17. Tell Me (Hanul Version) -하늘업타운
18. You & I (JP Version) - 김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo) 류시원(柳时元)

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